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Southwestern Michigan College

Change of Permanent Address

Changing your permanent address could change your tuition rate. Your new tuition rate will become effective based upon the dated proof provided.

To Change Residency Status

The College reserves the right to require documentation acceptable to the College in all cases of residency determination and verification. Documentation is required of any student changing to a reduced tuition status but may be asked of others. All acceptable proof of residency documents must clearly indicate name and permanent address.

All documents must be originals or copies certified with a raised seal or stamp.


Click here to view your Permanent Address and Phone Numbers currently on file at SMC.

[Please note you must be logged into SMC Wired for the above link to work.]

Personal Information
Check all that apply.
Old Address Information
(Please include Apt #, if applicable)
New Address Information
(Please include Apt #, if applicable)
Veteran Information
Length of Residency

If the location of your new residence reduces your tuition and fee rate, this change will not be reflected in your tuition until you have been at your new residence for six (6) months or more.

Emergency Closings

Please indicate if you would like to receive text messages on your mobile phone of school closings, weather alerts and other important messages relating to Southwestern Michigan College: