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Student Housing Maintenance Request


In case of a life threatening emergencies, residents should leave the building immediately and then call for assistance.

Emergencies are:

Items that must be repaired or corrected immediately and are necessary to either eliminate a clear threat to life or safety of persons or to prevent extensive building damage should be reported immediately to the 24-Hour Help Desk at 783-2700 or Ext. 2700 from your Room Phone.


Non-emergency maintenance requests should be reported by completing and submitting this form. You will receive an email confirmation that your ticket has been assigned. Once you have submitted a ticket, please follow the URL embedded in your email confirmation to post additional comments by using the the "Add Comment" field and clicking the "Submit" button.

Contact Information
Location Information
Access Permission

Non-Emergency repairs will be made Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Please indicate the date you will be available during the non-emergency time frame outlined above.

Problem Description
Please provide specific details in your description of the problem. Good Example: Bathroom sink faucet drips when turned off. Will not turn off completely. Bad Example: Sink is broken.
Additional Comments
Please enter any additional information that you wish to report in the space provided above.