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Southwestern Michigan College

Change of Personal Information

This form is used to update your mailing address, permanent address and/or phone number.

Personal Information
ID (Nxxxxxxxx)
Please check one.

If the location of your new residence reduces your tuition and fee rate, this change will not be reflected in your tuition until you have been at your new residence for six (6) months or more.

Acceptable Proof of Residency Documentation

If requested, you will be asked to provide acceptable documentation.

  1. The following forms of Proof of Residency* are acceptable:
    1. Valid current driver’s license OR state issued ID card,
    2. One of the following pieces of documentation verifiable and dated at least six months* prior to the start of the term:
      1. Most recent property tax receipt
      2. Utility bill or credit card bill
      3. Account statement from a bank or other financial institution
      4. Life, health, auto, or home insurance policy that clearly identifies the permanent address
      5. Federal, state, or local government documents, such as receipts, licenses, or assessments
      6. Vehicle title AND registration
      7. Mortgage, lease, or rental agreement including the landlord’s telephone number

    (Note: In the case where the property tax receipt or mortgage, lease, or rental agreement is in the student’s parents’ name(s), the student must also provide proof of dependency.)

  2. These documents must be presented to the office of Records and Registration prior to the first day of the term in order to have the residency code adjusted. After the first day of the term, the codes will not be adjusted until the next academic term.

*Six months proof is only required if changing residency to a reduced tuition status.