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SMC Wired Announcement Request Form

This form is for requesting a post in the center column of Wired. To request a Staying Connected ad (right column), please contact Marketing at x1346.

Personal Information
It is mandatory that each announcement indicate who the contact person is if more information is needed by someone viewing the announcement in SMC Wired. This field will be posted as the last paragraph at the end of the announcement. By default the Announcement Managers will use the information provided under this section to indicate the contact person for this announcement. If you completing this form for someone else, please include their contact information above. For example: Joe Smith, Ext. 1234.
Distribution Scope

Please indicate the group(s) that you would like to receive your announcement. Although, you can hold down the CTRL key to select multiple groups, please use this feature sparingly, because with current functionality of the Announcement Channel only one role at a time by an announcement manager when an announcement is created. By selecting multiple roles, the posting of the announcement would have to be done multiple times for each role selected.

The Distribution Scope below has been grouped by: Generic Roles (most popular roles); Instructional Orgs/Departments; and Non-Instructional Orgs/Departments

Please Note: For most announcements, ALL USERS (USER) role at the top of the selection list may be the most appropriate since this choice will deliver the message to any one with an SMC Wired account who has elected to receive the Category Type you have selected.
Announcement Information
The title of the announcement. When the announcement is displayed in the portlet, the full title always appears in bold. If a URL was entered, the title serves as a link to the site specified in the URL field.
The URL is optional. If entered, it must be a valid URL, starting with *http://*. For example, an announcement about a news story could include a link to the news article.

If you need to provide a flyer for your event, please email Marketing at

Announcement Category

Each user can specify a different delivery mechanism for each announcement category type. The following choices are available for each category type:

  • Announcements channel only;
  • Email only;
  • Both Announcement Channel and Email;
  • No delivery of a specific type

NOTE: Emails to large college audiences via this form will require approval by a Vice President.

Announcement Delivery
Default expiration is automatically set to one (1) week but can be adjusted.
Default expiration is set to midnight.
Form Routing

Certain SMC Wired users have been given administrative rights to create, edit, and manage announcements. Currently these rights have been assigned to the following individuals. Please select the appropriate individual based on your department/area by clicking in the appropriate selection. Your selection below will determine who receives your request via email. The person you select below will be the ONLY person who will receive your form submission.

Additional Comments/Instructions
Please indicate any additional instructions or comments pertaining to your announcement in the space provided below.
Next Steps

Submitting this form will generate an email to the Announcement Manager you have indicated. Once that Announcement Manager has approved the message and timing, he/she will post the information on Wired. Please plan ahead and allow up to 48 business hours for the post to happen.